Advantages of Mobile Phones Over Landlines

Mobile phones have become an important aspect of our busy life; one almost feels incomplete without a cell phone today. There was a time when people were used to landlines, and dreaded using mobile phones because of high call charges. But nowadays, life is almost unimaginable without these tiny boxes.

Mobile phones are now easily affordable and the price we have to pay is negligible compared to the benefits we derive. However, the question, whether mobile phones are better than landlines is always a debatable issue. The primary advantage of cell phones over landlines is ‘mobility’. The former make the working pretty easy as one can communicate from anywhere at any time!

The advent of cellular phones has come with many other advantages as well; instant call making facility has made life much easier than before. Personal safety, general convenience, and above all, staying connected with near and dear ones round-the-clock have made these accessories something to die for.

Landlines in no way can compete with the features offered by hand-helds. They have simplified things and shrunk the world into a global village. No two people are apart when they carry a mobile phone in their pockets. They are light in weight, portable, connectible to internet and carry various other features that make life simpler and better. A mobile handset is equivalent to a watch, calculator, organizer, notepad, camera, MP3 Player and other media devices like alarm clock, telephone index and above all, a wireless phone with boundless range and connectivity.

Cellular phones have definitely shoved away landline phones and their applications to a great extent, though the choice between the two again depends on the budget, utility and the convenience level of those using them.

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