Finding Out Who Calls Your Phone

It happens often that our house receives strange calls, and I can’t figure out why we’re getting them. I remember when caller ID first came around; it became easier to distinguish where such strange calls were coming from. Now, we have caller ID on our cell phones, but that’s not enough for me. I want to know exactly who’s calling my home and office; my job gets plenty of unknown calls, and some of those callers could be possible leads for potential business. There are plenty of ways to find out who’s calling your phone; if you’re interested in cracking that code, keep reading. 

It’s impossible to screen all the communications that come your way. When you work in a huge office building with dozens of coworkers contacting you on a daily basis, it can be pretty overwhelming at times. There’s a constant need to communicate in today’s technology savvy world, which is why I’m not surprised when something comes into my email box, or a missed caller leaves a phone message that I can’t explain. Sometimes I want to get back to that caller, but it’s not always that easy to accomplish when the caller doesn’t leave their contact information in the message or recording. 

When caller ID first became available it made all of our lives easier. When you get home from work, what is the first thing you do? I always check my messages on the answering machine, but you might have a different system set up for your household. Perhaps you have an answering machine, or perhaps you are using a digital voicemail system that is connected to your landline. Whichever method you choose, checking your messages when you get home helps you keep in touch with the outside world. We want to know who has been trying to reach us. 

It could be an important call from an old friend who is visiting your town. You might have a doctor’s appointment that has been rescheduled. You might have won a sweepstakes, and that person who is given the job to inform the winner has been trying to contact you on the phone. You won’t know who is calling unless you take a look at your caller ID. Too bad the caller ID says that the caller is using an unknown number. It’s a good thing you know about an unknown phone number public directory. That’s right; there’s a public directory that has been set up to assist all of us in figuring out who has been calling our homes when we’re not home. 

Take a look at the long list of unknown numbers you’re getting on your home, or office phone. A good way to get those numbers organized is to write them down on a notepad before using the directory. The online directory has helped people all around the world take action on seeing who has called their phone when they’re not home. Don’t stay in the dark; be an informed phone user today.