Greatest Inventions

Men have been blessed by God with a super powerful brain. Some people are genius that they invented things that make life easier and more comfortable. Below are the super things that are considered the greatest inventions of men:

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1. Microscope- without this tool, science wouldn’t be able to discover, invent and make things such as medicine, cure sickness, identify living things which are too small to see. The microscope may be small; however, its function is too important that with the advent of such technology, it led to different discoveries.

2. Cell phone- communication is one important factor in our daily lives these days that is why majority of humans cannot leave from their homes without tagging along their mobile phones. Through the innovation of smart phones, we can work just by using our smart phones to connect with our loved ones.

3. Microwave- busy-people. This is a word that would describe the way we live our lives this generation. So many gadgets and high-tech inventions have emerged the market but nothing still beats the ever helpful microwave. After all, who wants to work with an empty stomach? I guess nobody. With microwave, it is possible to grab a warm meal in just a snap of your fingers no matter how busy your schedule is.

4. Air conditioner (A/C) – one might neglect this home equipment but this is a vital tool that makes our lives more comfortable. If the summer hits the calendar, we can combat it by turning on the cooler in our AC or if the winter air is cold enough to freeze our body and brain, we can always turn on the heater in our AC. Gone are the days when we have to go out to the forest to gather woods to make bonfire in order to bring heat into our home, nor the days when we have to struggle and sometimes dies in a heat wave. Thanks to God for helping mankind invent AC.

5. Deodorant- believe me or not but this one small invention is truly a miracle worker. It kills the disgusting odor being emitted by our armpits. Imagine the world without a deodorant; I guess insects will die naturally because of the foul smell from our wet armpits.

6. Airplane- thousands of years before airplane was invented, it would take many months and even years to travel just a few miles, but now, it is even possible to travel from one country to another in just a few hours! How wonderful, isn’t it?