How Can You Undelete Deleted SMS Messages From Your Cell Phone?

So you want to know how to undelete deleted SMS messages. Who hasn’t accidentally deleted a message that you really needed, like someone’s phone number or the address of the building were you are going for that job interview you really, really want. It’s really easy to hit the wrong button and send a message or even a picture into oblivion.

The good news is that they don’t have to stay gone. Unlike the piece of paper with the dude or girl’s number you accidentally chucked into the wastebasket at the gas station, everything that passes through your phone leaves a record of some sort, and it’s entirely possible undelete deleted SMS messages.

Cell phones have come an awfully long way in an awfully short time. It wasn’t very long ago that you would have had to lug around a brick of phone weighing pound or so and pay ridiculous rates to be able to talk while risking shoulder train from the effort. And it wasn’t too long before that you would have had to be constantly chained to a telephone.

Now you’ve got these ridiculously small little gadgets that allow you to text message, watch videos, play music, take pictures and, oh yeah, talk. All of this is possible because of the computer technology inside your tiny little wonder phone. It’s this same technology that allows you undelete deleted SMS messages and retrieve deleted texts.

See, what the vast, vast majority of people don’t understand is that once something is stored on a computer, even the computers inside our cell phones, it’s actually pretty difficult to get rid of it. A lot of criminals and a lot of cheating spouses have been caught because they thought that deleting something was enough to get rid of it.

Not so. The truth is that because of the way memory on cell phones works, just deleting something only means that your cell can write over it. And just like writing like writing a note on a piece of newspaper, what was written on it first can still be there to be read if you know how to look.

Your best bet is to find a data recovery specialist, someone well versed in cell phone forensics, to undelete deleted SMS messages for you. This saves you the time and trouble of trying to do it yourself and possibly making the situation worse, and it’s fast and affordable.

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