Rainbow 6 Siege Year 5 Year 3 Patch Notes for Procedure Shadow Legacy Disclosed

If you have not been keeping tabs on Rainbow 6 Siege information, you may possibly not have identified that the franchise is crossing above with Splinter Mobile by bringing tremendous spy Sam Fisher as an Operator in Operation Shadow Legacy! Before the patch is pushed out, Ubisoft has unveiled the Rainbow 6 Siege Year 5 Time 3 patch notes (Y5S3)!

Rainbow 6 Siege Calendar year 5 Period 3 patch notes:

Zero – Attacker:

Exceptional Capabilities and Playstyle:

Argus Launcher:

Intel is critical to a excellent attack strategy, and Zero is very well knowledgeable of that. His Argus Launcher is equipped with incredibly distinctive cameras that can lodge on their own into breakable and reinforced area to surveil possibly aspect.

Indeed, these cameras can deal with two angles and correctly allow for you to spy on the opposing team. Argus Cameras do have 1 more quirk however: a one laser shot, ideal for destroying important features in the Defenders’ set up or drawing awareness absent from choke details.

Chalet has been with us for a prolonged time, and it has a particular put in our hearts. Unfortunately, in its past point out it was not as feasible as other maps, so we preferred to give it the really like it deserved with a appropriate rework.

To modernize the map, we concentrated on the Objectives and how well balanced they have been.

The Basement and Kitchen area websites were being now really robust, so the adjustments there were minimal. One hallway was added to enhance rotation among the web-sites in Basement, and we switched out the Trophy website for a new a single in Eating.

For Bar and Gaming, the variance is mostly in access and rotation, as it is for most of the map. Doorways have been moved, and a new hallway on the South facet one-way links them jointly.

Eventually, you are going to uncover the biggest improvements with Bed room and Business. The stairs that led up from the very first flooring have been moved to join Trophy and a brand-new space that replaces the balcony following to Master Bed room: the Solarium. The Bathroom no lengthier connects instantly into Bedroom, but instead serves as a rotation issue.

A couple other obvious improvements contain the extension of the Mezzanine to join to Office Balcony (where most windows have been blocked), roof entry with new rappel factors, and Wine Cellar no lengthier remaining divided into two rooms.

Overall, you will discover that the map has been drastically reconfigured, whether it be by modifying the deal with within goals, or going obtain points, or even supplying new solutions for rotation. Having said that, it remains commonly recognizable and retains its signature thematic.


The new Ping method is coming! On major of typical yellow pings, you are going to now be equipped to use contextual pings both though in Character and though using Cameras and Drones. You’ll also be in a position to retain pinging following currently being removed, so your potential to give your teammates intel will keep on being.

A couple of notes, nonetheless:

You can reveal opposing Operators by pinging their main gadget.
Typical yellow pings have assigned quantities to make for less complicated callouts.
The reticle used to establish where your ping will go can be turned off in Selections.
When utilizing a controller, the default Ping enter has been switched with the Swap Fireplace Manner input.
Acquire the time to familiarize your self with this new program. It is bound to alter the way every person strategies and considers sharing intel with their group.

We’re introducing a new element called the Map Ban that will let gamers to get more handle about the maps they enjoy, both on Ranked and Unranked.

Right before a match, every single staff will be ready to ban one particular map from a random pre-range of 3 maps from the pool. Banning the exact map will outcome in a random collection from the two remaining maps whilst banning two various maps, by elimination, will result in the variety of the remaining map. Players can also pick out not to ban any maps.

Rainbow Six Siege is an at any time-evolving sport and often striving to convey the greatest to its gamers. This year, we’re bringing a new function to our Check Server only, as we are in the early levels of enhancement.

Introducing Match Replay, a function that information your last matches – up to 12 of them – regionally on your possess Laptop. The function is enabled by default in Typical Selections, and you are going to be equipped to obtain a “WATCH” area specifically from the menu permitting you to playback your last couple plays, recorded at an common of 30 MB per minute of gameplay. Once you are in the replay, you can use the Spectator mode resources to check out any major-down perspective or any initially-individual watch – whether yours, your teammates’, or another person from the opposing group.

We’re aiming to have this aspect be handy for all varieties of gamers at any degree, from new gamers wanting for expertise of their maps, to professionals and coaches hunting for a new method, to even analysts and content creators. This could also be a terrific resource to stay clear of cheating in the neighborhood.

By releasing the characteristic this period on our Take a look at Server, we intend to assemble all your feed-back on this characteristic to start with, then pull it back to polish and make improvements to it.

In an energy to make Rainbow 6 Siege a match any individual can delight in, we are introducing a new characteristic that will raise the accessibility of the activity. We’re implementing new optics and sight hues to make it possible for for a far better working experience to players that are colorblind or visually impaired.

Our menu part now features an “ACCESSIBILITY” tab that proposes various shade alternatives adapted to various varieties of colour blindness (Deuteranopia, Protanopia and Tritanopia). A custom made selection is also offered for everyone to regulate the sight hues to their desire. Players will get to preview these sight selections in compact and whole monitor manner before making their selection.

We intention to raise the consolation stage for all of our gamers and make certain anyone has the best expertise feasible.

We’re switching the way teams put together for battle with the new Reinforcement Pool procedure. Alternatively than have 2 reinforcements to deploy each in their inventories, Operators will now choose from a Reinforcement Pool, such as 10 accessible reinforcements to share with teammates. The pool will decrease by 1 for every reinforcement utilized and will increase by 1 for each unsuccessful reinforcement.

The intention of this update is to carry some balance to the Defending group, allowing for Operators that already have a good deal of preparing just before a match to depart it to many others. This can also let for more experienced player to acquire on the reinforcements if newer players have a lot less awareness of the map. This element is also offered in PvE, in Secure Hostage.

At the minute, we have removed the sum of reinforcements HUD for the caster. The HUD for the Reinforcement Pool should really be extra in the coming months.

THATCHER Variations
The Disabled Point out for Electronic Gadget (DSEG) is an update aiming to include a “disabled” point out for gadgets, moreover “active” or “destroyed”. The length of this states relies upon on the potential from the reverse operator that brought about the gadget to be disabled. Gadgets in that state can nevertheless be deployed and can even now be detected by Operators with the good gadgets.

In this new section, we’re aiming to put into action a loss of performance for all Defenders devices across the board when Thatcher works by using his EMP Grenade. Somewhat than having some gizmos destroyed and some others disabled for a short total of time, we’re picking to unify the habits of gadgets influenced by Thatcher and have them all be disabled quickly.

We’re presenting a brand name-new support termed SquadFinder on our web site to aid Rainbow Six Siege gamers find the fantastic teammates and make the best Squad in the sport.

SquadFinder lets players to make a profile based on their in-video game knowledge and perform practices and set-up a request pursuing their video game sessions, languages, playstyle and match mode. The matching program will then hook up them to players with similar stats and with fantastic compatibility. From then on, you can send and take mate requests, allowing gamers to acquire new teammates and pals to be part of the combat.

The extra we are, the superior the knowledge will be!

A further update we are very pleased to give is the arrival of a stats tracker readily available to all gamers on our site, offered through the season. You have been vocal about how critical tracking your performance is, so you will shortly be ready to access your historical past through the model new MY SIEGE STATS part on our web site.

With only your username, you will be in a position to accessibility your stats for the existing time and split it down into monthly and weekly summaries. You are going to also be equipped to obtain your preceding seasons, incorporate mates to see how their stats stack up to your own, obtain weekly individualized recaps of your most effective matches and check out out the sophisticated stats professional gamers use to monitor their general performance!

This period will see a price tag lessen for seven Operators. Amaru and Goyo now see their rates down to 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits. Maverick and Clash’s price tag is likely down to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits, and Ying, Lesion and Ela will go down to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits.

With the introduction of the tough breach charge, new sights and scopes, the improve to the DSEG 1.2, and other gameplay balancing updates in this update we’re keeping off on operator-related balancing adjustments for the time remaining to assess their influence.


Montagne: Tough breach cost replacing Stun Grenades.
Ying: Hard breach cost changing Breach Expenses.
Fuze: Challenging breach demand changing Smoke Grenades.
Finka: Hard breach charge changing Breach Charges.
Amaru: Challenging breach cost replacing Claymore.
Nøkk: Hard breach charge replacing Breach Rates.
Capitão: Hard breach charge changing Stun Grenades.
Lion: Really hard breach demand changing Claymore.

Maverick now has an added blowtorch canister, with 6 in all (up from 5).
This offers players far more leniency when rationing their gas to open hatches. On ordinary it needs approximately 2.3 canisters to open a hatch, so an added canister will be a little bit extra forgiving of errors.

TWEAKS & Improvements

See previously mentioned for facts on the new secondary Tough Breach Cost gadget and alterations to Thatcher’s DSEG 1.2.


New sights are coming! We’re introducing 2 new sights and 2 new scopes:

New M4S Purple Dot Sight – 1.0x zoom, which capabilities as a ‘no zoom’ sight
New MH1 Holo Sight – Alternate Holo that offers a clean sight and new reticule.
New ACOG (1.5x Scope) – An ACOG with small-to-medium assortment magnification
New Scope (2. Scope) – With medium array magnification


2.5x ACOG – Zoom degree modified.
3.0x Scope – No for a longer period a distinctive choice, and will be an possibility for most DMRs (dependent on balancing requires)


With the introduction of new sights and scopes, we’ll be redistributing them centered on operator, gameplay, and balancing requires.

Participant Ease and comfort

Minimum MMR Attain/Reduction

Winning/Losing a ranked match will now give a minimum amount of 25 +/- MMR acquire or loss. We’ve also tweaked the MMR acquire/reduction distribution to avert diminishing MMR returns for players who engage in plenty of rated online games.


You will now receive in-game notifications immediately after a participant that you documented is sanctioned. These will exchange the ‘Thank you’ e-mails for reporting a banned player. Participate in nice. Perform truthful. Report those people that never.

VOTE-TO-KICK Removal (Afterwards IN THE Season)

Later in the period, we’ll be taking away vote-to-kick from Speedy Match—the only playlist which experienced this characteristic. We’ve been monitoring the use of vote-to-kick and have identified that it has given that strayed from its first intent, leaning to a more toxicity-relevant use scenario. With the various RFF circumstances in position, as perfectly as the enhanced participant-reporting panel, we come to feel the unique need to have for vote-to-kick must be fulfilled by these other solutions for reporting harmful gamers as an alternative. We strongly persuade you to report harmful players by way of the in-video game reporting panel so that they can be sanctioned.


A new participant card is present at the bottom-centre of the screen that will assistance viewers swiftly observe which player they are spectating. This is really helpful, especially when switching promptly among players’ sights.
Player’s lifestyle bar has new feed-back to conveniently location gamers getting damage
Activating and deactivating the defuser has a new VFX to make this motion additional visible when it takes place throughout the round
Drone Data is now present in the participant card even if the operator is dead or in the DBNO state
Talents and gadgets have new VFX for their states when they are all set, active, awesome-down, etc.
Hostage and Secure Place activity modes are now shown as feed-back in the HUD

Game Wellbeing


Moving ahead with our drive for behavioral consistency, we’ve created further more on our Y4S4 projectile map asset destruction variations and brought it to deployable.

To make gadget deployment actions far more predictable and regular, deployable gizmos will now either destroy fragile/lesser map property when deployed on them (paintings/posters), or deploy without impediment on normal textured surfaces (paneled walls/carpets).


Players now have the choice to customise Ads sensitivity in the Possibilities menu. With the Ads Sensitivity Method, Ads is much more steady throughout all sight/scope magnifications. You can customize sensitivity ranges for each zoom level according to your individual choice by deciding on the ‘Advanced’ possibility in the Choices menu.


Enhancement of the vault detection system will make vaulting smoother, a lot easier, and make vault behavior a lot more regular.

RFF + HOSTAGE Procedures Modifications

We’ve up-to-date the RFF guidelines all-around hostage to be far more constant and clear to prevent ambiguity and abuse.


The cap for MMR rollback has been elevated from your max MMR for the time to your max MMR + 200. We hope this will give a bit more adaptability for MMR rollback and reduce some of the frustrations encompassing it.


We have started the process of refactoring our seem method, which will essentially repackage the way sounds are stored and related to the video game. For extra information on what that means and how it will increase our seem method, remember to see Major Troubles & Group Considerations

No word yet on when we’ll see Procedure Shadow Legacy drop on Computer system and consoles, but after we do, we’ll enable our visitors know.

Resource: Ubisoft