Shocking Tips Before Buying A Personal Computer

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When I asked a colleague from work if he knew the specs he wanted in a PC, he seemed dumbfounded. Apparently, people do not think there is a need to have prior knowledge of the kind of PC to be acquired. No one is asking that you become a computer sales expert over the night. Regardless, ensure you know a thing or two about the specs and computer to buy before making the payment.  

Even when the sales of mobile phones seem to be the goldmine of technology, people are still interested in having a personal computer. For people who like having gadget conversations read VPN reviews here on hints before making a purchase. Let’s quickly look at a few shocking tips on what to know before getting a personal computer. 

Would It Be A Laptop Or Desktop? 

I like to believe everyone reading this article can tell the difference between the above types of PC mentioned. For folks who already have a desktop, one of the major reasons to purchase a laptop is mobility and flexibility. Unlike the desktop computer, a laptop can be moved around from meetings to lunch, and back home. However, the desktop is often fixed. Also, the desktop is of a lower-quality and is most likely going to be less expensive. 

What Microprocessor Should You Go For? 

When I engage myself in conversations with friends who know little about a computer’s properties it’s usually interesting. The details of a computer’s microprocessor could get convincing pretty fast. The keynote of this section is to have enough information about the microprocessor. This way you do not end up going for a new PC with old technology. If what you intend using your computer for is basic office task, then do not be bothered about microprocessor.


This should have probably come first right? Because how do you get a computer with any specs at all without the right amount of money? There are hundreds of computer types from various brands out there in the market. Irrespective of how current your desired computer is you can only purchase that within your budget range. Before stepping into a gadget store, ask yourself how much you are willing to set aside for a PC.

Knowing your budget would help you narrow down the choice before buying. You automatically know you can’t go beyond your budget range. However, the option of getting a second graded system could also be useful. You can get a laptop above your budget but not from an authorized dealer. 

What Memory Space Do you Need? 

People use a personal computer for various reasons. When some users might need one strictly to surf the web, another user might need one as a backup. Knowing what the computer would be used helps to know the amount of space you need. The memory space determines how fast the system gets when performing several tasks. A PC with a larger RAM space is expected to perform faster than one with a lower RAM space.