The Impact of Cell Phones in Schools

Most school administrations regard cell phone use as disruptive and distracting, and have implemented policies that prohibits using them on school grounds. Cell phones are a disruption in school. Text messaging can be used to cheat on tests. Students who are text messaging are not able to give full attention to the lesson. If a student cell phone rings in class, it totally disrupts the class for a considerable period of time. Many cell phones are also camera phones. Camera phones present an invasion of privacy in the schools . One of the best ways we can protect the privacy of every student is to ban cell phones from school during the school day.

During the school day, students need to be focused on classroom instruction without distractions. While the phones are very convenient and a common part of everyday life, for the most part, they are a distraction everywhere. Have you ever been on a bus or plane and somebody is carrying on a loud personal conversation? At a school, the distraction may be even greater than in a public place. For many teachers, one of the biggest concerns about including cell phones in schools is that they will be used inappropriately.

Students do not need cell phones during school hours. Many schools now have telephones in the classroom, if it really is an emergency students are easily contacted. I don’t really understand why some parents are so adamant about being able to contact their kids at school at a moment’s notice. Teachers have a difficult job as it is. They don’t need to be dealing with kids having cell phones going off, surreptitiously texting each other, going on the Internet, and taking photos and video not to mention the possibilities for cheating. There are enough distractions

Students will text each other all the time during class, and there are times when the teachers won’t even notice! Cellular phones are very distracting. Are we now slaves to our technology? If the student needs to call home they only need to go to the main office or guidance to contact a parent or guardian. Most calls home are not for emergencies, they are for mere simple communication that do not need to be done during school. It must have been a miracle that I made it through that time without the need of a cell phone. The majority of the calls, if not all, will be used in idle chatter. Their current uses are for distraction, social interaction, and lewd photography. And let’s not ignore the parents who would call students DURING CLASS to talk about non-emergency issues. If it is truly an emergency, call the school main number and have the child brought to the office. There should be NO tcell phones in the schools.

There are no pros for cellular phone use in school. While cell phones are a convenience, however they don’t belong in the school with our students. Students will use them in the class regardless of the rules. It will be a disruptive convenience benefiting only the students to talk to anyone. They will use it to text their friends or to play games. If there is a true emergency the parent only needs to call the school. Cell phones in the school will be a total disruption, they will be a good cheating device.

Obviously the cons of allowing cell phones in school, outweigh the pros. Cell phones have become a nuisance. Youngsters have enough distractions. And, there is no difference between looking through your phone and reading a note passed in class. School is for learning. Students will take it for granted and answer calls during the class. It leaves no hope for the classroom teacher. Whether the phone is on vibrate or not, it still makes no difference because the youngster will be continuously looking at the phone in anticipation of a call or a text message. Text messaging turned out to be as popular as e-mail and is omnipresent in many students’ hands, and can caused total disruption to mere chaos in the classroom.

Distractions such as cellular phones don’t belong in school. There is no need for cell phones in the schools, just as there was no need for them in the past. In the case of a true emergency, schools have in place systems that protect the children and notify the parents. It is the parents who are entitled to a cell phone . As a result they will always be available at a moment notice. Cellular phones in school are an unnecessary distraction that take time away from teachers and can be a source in cheating. Text messaging is an epidemic. I’m sorry to tell you this, but if you think students will not be texting each other while a teacher is teaching, you’re dead wrong. Whether parents feel it is necessary to have cell phones in the schools or not, it is still a distraction to their children’s education. It is a disservice to our children to allow cell phones during in the schools. Cell phones have become a huge problem. Kids text during class, leading to cheating, or coordination of other “bad” activities.

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