Cell Phones – Size, Price and Function

Its remarkable how much cell phones have become part of our daily lives. Only 10 short years ago a cell phone was a real luxury and most people just marveled at this new luxury. Today its as common as wearing clothes and virtually every person in the developed world now has at least 1 cell phone. The huge demand and consumer culture has driven mobile phone technology to new highs and it has now overtaken the development of computer technology. In the last 2 or 3 years cell phones and computers started to merge and with the advent of the iPhone and smart-phones, its all changing again.

When it comes to buying a new cell phone, you will be faced with 3 main choices. Each one affects the other and for manufactures these are the 3 main “markets” they target.

1. Size
Maybe because the first phones where so big and bulky, the smaller the phone the better. The idea of fitting a tiny phone in your pocket is something we all seem to want. Its all about mobility and size really does matter. The smaller the better. However, there comes a point where small is too small and when technology started catching up, size was no longer the main goal. It was the technology and function.

2. Function
While most manufacturers were working on making the smallest and slimmest phones possible, Apply took a completely different direction and started focusing on function instead. The iPhone was not the smallest or lightest phone around but it could do what no other phone could do. It was an instant success.

3. Price
The price remains one of the determining factors when people buy cellular telephones. The most popular phones with the latest technology will always be the most expensive. Everybody wants the latest and greatest and because its a consumer product the turnaround is very quick. What’s cool now will be old and useless next year this time so you definitely pay for the latest and greatest.

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