Download Free Mosquito Ringtones For Cell Phone

Free mosquito ringtones: the cell phone ringtones that have shocked the world this year are the high-pitch mosquito ringtones famous for being the ringtones that only kids can hear.

Ringtones are the sound made by cell phones to indicate incoming calls. Modern cell phone ringtones have become extremely diverse, leading to phone personalization and customization. You can now personalize your cell phone with free mosquito ringtones.

Mosquito MP3 ringtones are very popular ringtones among teens. Indeed, high frequency mosquito ringtones can often only be heard by teenagers and younger people, but leaves most of persons over twenty years of age unaffected. The free mosquito MP3 ringtones are cell phone ringtones that are too high pitched for most adults to hear.

In fact, authentic mosquito ringtones find its origin in a technology that was originally conceived to repel loitering teens from shopping malls. The mosquito device emits a modulated sound that proves to be a great annoyance to youngsters, but leaves most over twenty years of age safe. As people age, they are less able to hear high frequency sounds, making this particular sound annoying only to teenagers or kids. Certain frequency tones especially high frequency ones are apparently undetectable to the human ear after a certain age. It is therefore some kind of ultrasonic teenager repellent.

High pitched mosquito ringtones are primarily used in the classroom, allowing those students to be alerted of incoming SMS or MMS on their cell phones without the knowledge of their teachers. But also in some public places where cell phone ringing are forbidden. It is perfect for signaling the arrival of a text message without being detected by an adult.

But cell phone users need to responsible. It is not because adults can’t hear those kind of mosquito ringtones that they can feel free to get their cell phones anywhere and especially in places such as hospitals or on planes where cell phones can cause electronic interferences.

Also, as you can imagine, this “stealth technic” is not 100% perfect. You may still get caught if the teacher notices your classmates looking at you or sees an unusual behaviour from you. The teacher may certainly come to the idea you are using buzz mosquito ringtones. Some classmates may also find your official mosquito ringtones disturbing them.

Recently, Phat Tonez removed the adult-proof mosquito ringtones from sale due to waves of complaints.

There’s still an alternative to downloadable mosquito ringtones for cell phones: vibrating alerts. It may always be useful in some noisy environments, not to mention for the hearing impaired that wouldn’t be able to listen the alarm mosquito noise ringtones anyway.

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