Kinetic Cyclic Scissors | Hackaday

Kinetic Cyclic Scissors | Hackaday

[Henry Segerman] and [Kyle VanDeventer] merge math and mechanics to build a kinetic cyclic scissors sculpture out of 3D printed bars adjoined collectively with M3 bolts and nuts.

a kinetic bar framework with 3d printed bars of alternative black and grey color, each joined with m3 bolts and nuts being held by a person at two points with a quadrilateral tiling overlay

The kinetic sculpture can be believed of as a element of an infinite tiling of self very similar quadrilaterals in the plane. The tiling of the airplane by these self comparable quadrilaterals can be understood as a framework by signing up for the diagonal details of every single quadrilateral with bars. The standard dilemma [Henry] and [Kyle] required to solution was beneath what conditions can the realized bar framework of a subsection of the tiling be created to move. Surprisingly, when the quadrilateral is a parallelogram, like in a forklift, or “cyclic”, when the endpoints lie on a circle, the bar framework can shift. Tweaking the ratios of the middle lengths in a cyclic configuration leads to diverse sorts of rotational symmetry that can be reached as the framework folds in on by itself.

[Henry] and [Kyle] go into more detail in their Bridges Conference paper, with derivations and even more discussions about the symmetry induced by adjusting the constraints. The facts are light on the actual kinetic sculpture featured in the movie but the bar framework was chosen to have a mirror style of symmetry with a motor attached to 1 of the central, lower bars to travel the motion of the sculpture.

The bar framework is accessible for down load for anybody wanting to 3D print or laser lower their have. Bar frameworks are beneficial strategies and we have observed them made use of in artwork sculptures to strandbeests, so it is great to see even more explorations in this house.

Online video soon after the split! at?v=76XIrm91Ra0

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