Retrieve Deleted Text to Prove Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

There are many uses for cell phones, some of which are good and others that are not. For some people the messages they receive on a cell phone can be distressing and even downright threatening. One such example would be when cell phones are used by employers to sexually harass employees. Many of these employees become so stressed and frightened of losing their jobs that they do not report these occurrences. For others they fear that if they do report these actions that they will not be believed. One way to get the evidence needed to prove this behavior is to retrieve deleted text messages from the cell phones of the employee and the employer alike.

One reason for performing a forensic investigation to retrieve delete messages on the cell phones of both parties is to eliminate any doubt as to who each message was sent to and received by. By testing both phones there is no confusion as to what was said by whom, and which party it was said to. This gives victims the evidence they need to prove cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

In addition to having the ability to retrieve deleted text messages from cell phones there are also other pieces of information that can be recovered as well. For instance, it is possible to uncover calls that are made or received on a specific cell phone, as well as how long each of these calls lasted. It is also possible to restore phone numbers and contact information that has been deleted from the memory of the phone and even picture and video messages that have been sent or received. Because of the large amount of data that can be retrieved, it makes it possible to prove occurrences of sexual harassment and other activities.

When you turn to forensic specialists that know how to retrieve deleted text messages and other pertinent data from most any type of cell phone, you can be sure of several things. For one thing you can be sure that the investigation will be handled by professionals who are well trained in this field. You can also be sure that the information uncovered through these investigations will be handled with the highest levels of discretion. You will also be provided with a detailed report indicating exactly what was discovered, giving you exactly what you need to confront the offending party.

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