Screenwriting — Two More Screenplay Plots with Cell Phones

Cell Phone Boiler 3 – Max Has a Maximum Surprise

A woman finds a cell phone in a public bathroom. There is a text message displayed on its screen: “Leave Now!!! Max.” Before she can leave the bathroom, the phone explodes with a tremendous bang, turning everything into a rubble.

When she comes to at a hospital bed, a detective wants to know all about the phone. She says its not hers. Does she remember anything about the phone? She mentions the name “Max” and the detective’s mouth drops… “You are under arrest,” is his next sentence and produces a pair of handcuffs.

What’s going on?

Cell Phone Boiler 4 – Elephants Never Forget

A woman finds a cell phone in a public bathroom. As she is messing around with out out of sheer boredom, she discovers that there are photos and a video clip recorded earlier by the phone, images of a gruesome murder taking place in the same bathroom… What happened to the victim?

Horrified, she rushes to the police but she is an immediate suspect because the only fingerprints on the phone belong to her. What’s worse, the cops find out about the years she has spent in a mental institution. She is autistic. Which is a plus as well since she basically remembers EVERYTHING that has happened in her life! That’s why she ended up in a mental institution.

So, a detective that falls in love with her gently guides her back through the immaculate memory lane. As she describes one by one all the people she had met on the way to the bathroom, something picks the detective’s curiosity… how come she kept referring to coming across a woman wearing a trench coat on a bright August day?

With a few more troubling details she describes vividly the woman in a trench coat, and the hunt is on…

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