Things to Know Before Installing a Home Security System

What You Should Know Before Buying a Home Security System

We don’t mean to scare you, but according to the FBI, over 2 million home invasions occur across the United States every year. This comes down to one home invasion every 13 seconds. To avoid becoming a crime statistic, it is advisable to install a home security system.

Here is a list of things you should be aware of when considering to install a home security system. This may help you provide security for your house occupants as well as their belongings.

Asset Protection Devices Protect Valuables

There are devices that you can install on your valuables that will let you know whenever they are tampered with. They are very useful for protecting valuables like jewelry boxes, expensive paintings, or cash lockers. An asset protection device will let alert you in case of any unauthorized access attempts, even when there is no physical evidence.

They will really give you a lot of peace of mind in many situations. For example, when a repair person or some cleaning staff are working at your home while you are not there, you will know if they tried to remove any valuables. This will be a worthwhile investment to help enhance your home security.

Burglar Alarms Are Not Home Security Systems

A burglar alarm is a lot different than a home security system. It is better to invest in a home security system rather than just a burglar alarm. A home security system comes with additional benefits that help protect the occupants of your house. It is important to know what particular benefits your home security company is providing and how their system works.

A burglar alarm is more of a traditional type of security system. It has motion sensors in windows and doors. It will let you know when there has been an unauthorized entry into your home. Some burglar alarms also connect directly to a police station if there is a breach. A home security system provides much more than a burglar alarm mechanism. It will also alert you to environmental hazards like a carbon monoxide leak, fire, or even if your house gets flooded. Check ADT Security Packages to learn more about home security systems.

Security Systems Are Active Even if the Power Breaks Down

Homeowners are often concerned about how a home security system gets powered. These concerns are amplified if you are away from your home and the power gets knocked out during emergencies, like during a storm.

However, security systems will continue to run even if there is a power outage. These systems are usually powered by low voltage. So to begin with, they don’t even consume a lot of electricity. Home security systems are typically connected to large backup batteries. This ensures the system is continuously powered, even if there is an electricity breakdown.

Another option is to use a security system powered by solar energy. Although it is relatively expensive to set up a solar system, in the long run, it is cheap to operate. Being a renewable resource, it is also environmentally friendly.

The Installation Process May Vary

The installation process of a home security system will depend on what type of system is purchased. Most systems will need to be installed by professionals. Some drilling will be required to connect motion sensors to the security system.

There are wireless systems available as well. They are much easier to install as you will not need to drill for any wires. They are typically equipped with batteries. Some newer systems are powered entirely by solar energy. Some companies may require special equipment to connect your home to the security staff of the company.

Some Systems Cater for Medical Emergencies As Well

Sometimes you may need emergency services, apart from situations where there is a break-in at your house. For example, if you slip and are unable to reach your phone. This could potentially be a life-threatening situation. Some security companies provide services to cater to such eventualities.

With the help of a portable panic switch, you can alert your security company during such a situation. These can usually be worn as a pendant or bracelet so they are on your person at all times. This option is particularly beneficial for the elderly who are living alone.